Jude Idada

To say it was superlative is an understatement... Amazons on stage!... holding a rapturous audience spellbound.

Chinwe Iloghalu

Hear word Naija presents a powerful and emotive stage rendition of the cultural and social problems, stigmas and barriers which the Nigerian female faces even in 21st century cosmopolitan Nigeria of today. I'm sure every female seated in the theatre found a story she could connect with. At the end of it all, we still found a voice to struggle on against all odds! Well done Team! Rise up all Naija heroines!

CB Adekoya

Gripping in its imagery and hilarious in it's simplicity of presentation. Important for change makers, leaders of traditional & religious institutions, the state & federal legislature, the press & human rights. Bless you!

Wahab Aminu

Congratulations to Ifeoma Fafunwa at promoting desirable change in society through the medium the performing arts. KUDOS!

Nike De Souza

Well done Ifeoma - fantastic!!!

Sandie Obiago

I add my voice of admiration and respect to Ifeoma for an EXCELLENT production of Hear Word!  It deserves an award, shows what leadership really means!

Uwa Osa-Oboh

Hear! Hear! A great production!

Alan Davis

Fabulous, entertaining, thought-provoking and supremely professional.  I was blown away and the actresses were unbelievable.


Forget Cinema... Forget 3D... Theatre is the main deal!! Every woman has to see this. …. too Awesome to explain.

Ifeoma Onyekwelu

Great job. I hope it goes international!

Cathy Audu

Ifeoma Fafunwa is an old Holy Child Girl who is making a difference!, HEARWORD! – A must see!! I hope it comes to town again soon.

Adenike Adesina

PA- Ambassador of the Netherlands

I laughed hard, “cried” and laughed some more. It was both entertaining and heart-rending. My sincere congratulations to you, the cast and crew for a job very well executed.  

I heard word today. like the many in the audience today.

Chuck Mike

I drove 10 hours to see this, it was worth every mile!