Director & Producer

Ifeoma Fafunwa is a professional Creative Director working in theatre and film with over 20 years of creative experience in the US and Nigeria. Her recent work in Nigeria includes a number of Sefi Atta’s plays, the Lagos Theatre Festival and the very successful premiere of HEAR WORD! In 2012, Ifeoma directed Nigeria’s cultural submission for the London Olympics and in 2014 she participated in the London International Festival of Theatre (LIFT).

She is a member of African Leadership Initiative for West Africa an Aspen Global Leadership Network and runs a pro-bono acting workshop for young women. Ifeoma lives in Lagos and is married with four children.


Stage Manager

Oluseyi Emmanuel is a theatre practitioner; an actor, stage/project manager, producer, director, filmmaker and business man. Some of his works include Jankariwo (Actor, MUSON Festival 2002), Wives and Mothers and Beggars’ Strike (Actor, LONGMAN 40th Anniversary), Asylum Seekers (Actor, Afrika Projekt), Amaniba (Actor, FESTINA), Digging for Gold (Actor & Stage Manager, NLNG, Shell) Shylock (Stage Manager), The Sisters (Stage Manager), Vagina Monologues (Stage Manager2006 & 2007 Edition), The Engagement (Stage Manager), Call Mr. Robeson (Stage Manager), The Trials of the Martyrs (Producer/Director), Little Drops (Stage Manager), Mission to Mamuro (Director, 2012) The Naming Ceremony, Lion and the Jewel and The King Must Dance Naked (Stage Manager, London Olympic, 2012), Vagina Monologues (Stage Manager, Lagos, 2013), First Bank Annual Merit Award Performance (Stage Manager, FAMA, 2013), Diagnosis (Stage Manager British Council Lagos Theatre Festival, 2014).

The Wives (Stage Manager, 2014), London Life Lagos Living (Stage Manager, 2015). He has, since inception, managed the highly successful and internationally acclaimed play - HEAR WORD! Oluseyi founded THE MUSE – an event of creativity with music, poetry, dance and drama; and has produced Whose House Is It Anyway, A Letter For You, and The Sisters. He was trained for filmmaking with Del-York Creative Academy under the auspices of New-York filmmakers. He had a training in Directing for Film at the Independent Television Producers Association of Nigeria (ITPAN). He is the Registrar of The Enrepreneurship Academy (TEA) – a business school to raise a new breed of entrepreneurs. He is an alumnus of Success, Business and Leadership School (SBLS) and also a member of British Project Management Institute. He runs a company G7 Global Services Ltd - with specialty in film & theatre production and management.


Costume Designer

Ituen Bassey is the innovative Nigerian designer behind the multi award winning label Ituen Basi. Ituen is a Theatre Arts graduate from the University of Ife in Nigeria. Ituen later majored in Tailoring and Clothing Technology at the London College of Fashion, UK.

In 2009, she launched her first full home based collection to critical acclaim and started a new era of Ankara interpretation in Nigeria and Africa. In its 4 years the label has been featured in Vogue Italia, British Vogue, Elle (South Africa), Ebony and Pride magazine, amongst other international press. It has shown on runways in Dakar, Milan, Paris, London, Vienna and Johannesburg (where the label was awarded Mercedes Benz Designer of the Year, 2012).

Ituen Bassey continues to work tirelessly to support and capacity build practitioners of the Nigerian Garment Industry through her training programmes and initiatives.

Her awards include: 2012 Designer of the Year, Africa -Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Africa (Johannesburg), 2011 Most Creative Designer - Arise Magazine Fashion Week (Lagos), 2010 Emerging Designer, Africa -Africa Fashion Week (Johannesburg), 2009 Most Innovative Designer-Arise Africa Fashion Week (Johannesburg).

For more information about Ituen Basi, please visit: .


Production Coordinator

Tito Aderemi-Ibitola is an internationally exhibiting performance/video artist concerned with spiritual fulfillment, social impact, and political change.

She has gained national accolades in the United States for her work in devised theatre productions Goddess and Playing Dirty.

Her theatrical credit include: Anna in the Tropics, How I Learned to Drive, Turn of the Screw, Westside Story, Pageant for Women's Right and Bike Man. As a performer, creative director, and freelance designer, she has found that the key to personal growth is the celebration and acknowledgement of good in others.

She is a student of Communication Arts: TV/ Film production and political science. She moved to Nigeria Fall of 2014 where she is now living and working.


Production Assistant

Susan Udo has worked as a Production Assistant since HEAR WORD!'s inception and on every show since. She is currently the personal assistant to the show's Director and juggles a full course load at National Open University of Nigeria.

Susan has worked in hospitality, event and audience management, merchandise production and customer service but has been the primary ticketing and sales manager since the premiere show of HEAR WORD! in may 2014


Production Administrator

Ruth is a production administrator focused on public impact. She has a degree in Applied Microbiology and majors in Public Health.

She is enthusiastic about women and children, hence, a U-reporter for UNICEF.


Campaign Model

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Publicity Consultant

Cynthia Asoegwu is a social entrepreneur with experience in PR/ Brand communications and project management for women and youth focused developmental projects. She is the Project Director/ Consultant of Visionary Impact Netwox – a social enterprise focused on harnessing and providing a platform for youth capacity development.Cynthia Asoegwu is a social entrepreneur with experience in PR/ Brand communications and project management for women and youth focused developmental projects.

She is the Project Director/ Consultant of Visionary Impact Netwox – a social enterprise focused on harnessing and providing a platform for youth capacity development.

Cynthia is a Google Certified Digital Business Manager and is dedicated to harnessing the power of the internet to drive societal transformation.



Squad 1 productions is a theatrical outfit that fuses traditional drumming with new wordily influence making creative and ingenious blends of music and dance that are palatable for all audiences.

- Blessing Idireri Akpofure
- Emeka Christian Anokwru
- Ope Adegbenle
- Emanuel Uzorka


Sound Engineer

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